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Nov 14, 2010 5:30am PST
quote >> una pareja de inmigrantes mexicanos en chicago ven truncado su sueÑo americano mientras dormÍan,1 camioneta chocÓ contra su casa y mató a la mujer. >> en ambos lados, mÉxico y estados unidos, huyen por el miedo. >> cargos criminales de terrorismo podrÍan recibir en venezuela protagonistas de una protesta en el metro de caracas. hay persecuciÓn polÍtica dicen algunos. >> aunque con mucha polÉmica cada vez son mÁs los estados que intentan legalizar la marihuana. ♪ >> gracias por compartir con nosotros parte de este sÁbado. >> gracias por estar en esta segunda emisiÓn. una pareja de migrantes que compartÍa un humilde departamento en el chicago tuvo un fatal despertar cuando una camioneta aterrizÓ sobre su cama matando a la mujer que allÍ dormía. >> no puedo vivir sin ella porque me siento que no tengo fuerzas para salir adelante. >> juan nicolÁs perdiÓ esta maÑana al amor de su vida. a las 2:20 de la madrugada una camioneta se estrellÓ contra la ventana de su apartamento y la aplastÓ mientras dormÍa. nicolÁs estaba acostado a su lado y sÓlo recibió golpes
Nov 11, 2010 12:00pm CST
in the path of the city's plan's lawyers rementsing relatives of dead hope to stop chicago's takeover leaving graves undisturbed. majority of those participating in today's veterans day ceremony refuse to take a position on the debate. they say they are here to honor the veterans who have fought and who are buried here. veterans who fought in the civil war, spanish american war and the korean conflict. >> it's veterans day. that's what i'm here for. this is not a protest. this is not disagreement with anybody. this is just simply to honor the veterans for the last time possibly before the cemetery is moved. >> reporter: now the city points out that there are many families that are reasonably content with the plan to reinter the bodies and accept this is all in the best interest of the economic development of the region. of course, o'hare being an economic engine for the entire chicagoland area. in bensenville, julian crews, wgn news. >>> a plainfield soldier who was killed in afghanistan will be layed to rest today with full military honors' prief have the -- private first class andrew meari
Nov 16, 2010 12:00pm CST
:00 a.m. he was out the door and on his way by 8:02. a "chicago tribune" photographer quickly snapping a few photographs as the 33-year- old made his fast exit from his home of the past 12 years. pulling up a coat to cover his face. the driver of the pick up truck you see presumably his wife of the past few years concealing her face as well as they left danville and sped off to begin their new life together. back in 1997, justin boulat was a 20-year-old student at eastern illinois university when he admitted strangling his former girlfriend, 18-year-old andrea will with a phone card. he confessed. was sentenced to 24 years of first-degree murder. under more lenient illinois sentencing laws that gave you a day off for each day of good behavior. today he is out after a dozen years. on his way to hawaii with his wife whom he married behind bars in '07. two were childhood friends. she teaches medicine at university of hawaii and strong reaction is oming -- is coming to news of this release where the victim came from. >> my heart goes out to the family. member is irreplaceable. that's a pai
Nov 17, 2010 12:00pm CST
on the far south side, nancy loo, wgn news. >>> several members of a violent chicago street gang have been rounded up in early morning sweeps by chicago police and fbi agents. authorities say these raids stem from an investigation sparked by the unsolved murder of an off duty chicago police officer. the detective robert soto and female companion catherine romburg were shot to death in august of 2008 as they sat in an suv on the west side. law enforcement sources say they have been secretly tapping the phones of the traveling vice lord gang leaders. gang members are being questioned about the killings and the high profile home invasion robberies of two nba players. >>> chicago police are looking for someone who set a man on fire on the south side. this happened near 43 and cottage grove in the bronzeville neighborhood last night. police say the man was doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire. couple called police when he saw the man severely burned inside his home. paramedics took him to the university of chicago hospitals where he is listed in critical condition. >>> one of the men
Nov 22, 2010 12:00pm CST
a prescription drug overdose. the "chicago tribune" reported this weekend notre dame would not acknowledge the case local police st. joseph county police and st. joseph county prosecutors tell the paper the school did not inform them about seeberg's claim. the players seeberg claimed attacked her is still playing. coach brian keel in a: ness from call with coach kelly said did not say if he talked to the player about the allegation. kelly has a sign posted in the locker room reminding players to respect women. >> i'm a father. i have a daughter. those are very, very important things to me and very, very important to the culture within our football program. it's a university matter. and the nature is such is the university has a process in place and that process is one that i'm respecting. >> reporter: st. expwro sf county prosecutors are launching a investigation into response to the "chicago tribune" report. the parents say she gave more to others in her short 19 years than most people give in a lifetime. in northbrook, judy wang, wgn news. >>> chicago police are looking for suspects in t
Nov 20, 2010 9:00pm CST
bid to be the next mayor of chicago. she becomes the first woman to enter the race and she is wasting no time taking on rahm emanuel. >> reporter: with a chill in the air and the skyline as a back drop, carol mosely braun formally joined a crowded race for chicago mayor. >> i just want to serve. >> reporter: the former u.s. senator and u.s. ambassador -- focuses. >> everybody wins. when we promote and march at the time chicago -- >> education. >> i will work aggressively to reduce the dropout rates. >> reporter: and on crime. >> i will make sure our new police superintendent -- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- will properly deploy law enforcement to target gang leaders. >> reporter: taking shots at the opponents, including rahm emanuel. >> when he was needed month a month before the mid-term election, he abandoned the president for his personal ambition and chose not to stand by his man, barack obama. that the kind of loyalty we want for chicago? >> this election is not about friendship. it's about leadership. >> reporter: support mosely braun will need. she has the name recognition, but
Nov 13, 2010 9:30pm CST
about his run for mayor of chicago. >> an suv smashes into an apartment building, killing a woman asleep on her bed. >>> a 17-year-old maine west high school student is laid to rest while police look for the hit-and-run driver who killed him. the news is next. we're back at the united center. tonight's players of the game. brought do you by budweiser. great times are waiting for you. grab a bud. we have multiple players for you tonight. >> stacey: we're going to give it to three players. deng comes up with 23 points, derrick rose, 23.8 assists and joakim noah. 23 points. all of those guys came to play tonight. budweiser players of the game. >> speaker: we said this whole homestand was important. you two out and have seven straight on the road in the best. you know that's always been historically a big trip. when you go west, you're playing good teams, you're playing a lot of back to backs, the trip ends with four games in five nights. it was great to see them play well during this stretch at home, for a variety of reasons, they're back on track and have a winning record now. >> stacey: a
Nov 9, 2010 12:00pm CST
the croifnt on wgn america. that story in just a minute. but first -- >> the race for chicago mayor is starting to heat up with candidates and some potential candidates reaching out for support. state senator james meeks holding a listening tour with latino leaders at schools on the southwest side. >> nancy loo is live in the arlington heights neighborhood with more on the mayor's race. >> well, allison and steve, after failing to earn the support of the african-american coalition, state senator james meeks is spending much of today in chicago's latino community. but he claims his outing today has nothing to do with mayoral politics. now the reverend and state senator spent the morning touring a number of schools on the southwest side including the uno veterans memorial charter school. he cited the ongoing problem of overcrowding in chicago schools and afterwards left for a luncheon and round table discussion with latino leaders. meeks again dismissed the african-american coalition support of congressman danny davis instead of him. and chicago voters seem to be questioning the influ
Nov 5, 2010 12:00pm CDT
to be counted in the stiff chicago and suburban cook county. it could be a few more weeks before we have the official totals. cook county resumed counting at 8:00 this morning. it's in the process of counting 10 how to ballots. on the city side they resumed at 10 with 11,700 ballots to gsm late yesterday quinn led brady by 19,000 votes so it appears pat quinn may have avoided fate of other democratic governors nationwide and won his first full term. quinn has stopped short of calling on his opponent to concede but sure talked like a winner when he showed up at manny's deli at lunchtime. he said it was time to put the bitter campaign behind and he has a lot of work to dosm he re- iterated his support for an income tax hike to help deal with budget deficit that could top $15 billion. bill brady told reporters in springfield yesterday his campaign was still collecting data and evaluating that data. election results don't have to be certified until december 3. spokesman for the chicago board of election commissioners tells us this time there are a lot more absentee ballots to count. >> both
Nov 10, 2010 12:00pm CST
, west of the city and then south of the city of chicago. public health experts say in one particular outbreak the type of stomach flu or norovirus as it's known was similar to a type of flu that was seen on cruise ships. >> norovirus is a group of viruses that cause gi illness and they are best known for causing cruise ship outbreaks. >> now the director of the county's communeicable disease control division says it's a serious issue. outbreaks are normthal time of year, the doctor says the new spike is higher than normal and because it's concentrated in at least 26 schools in those numbers could go higher later today, there is concern, concern that the norovirus could rapidly spread with the ability to survive up to 12 days on surfaces or objects doctors are urging people to take precautions. >> prevention is simple. good hand washing. use of germ gel. there is alcohol based hand preparation. >> reporter: and it's important that you do that frequently. the hand washing very important before meals. but stomach flu prevention also includes cleaning your environment. high touch surface
Nov 23, 2010 9:00pm CST
be miserable for travelers? >> looks like a cold rain is headed for chicago. we have some rain tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night that could start as mixed freezing rain and ice pellets. then in the afternoon we could go back to ice pellets and snow as rain showers redevelop in the area. and much colder weather by friday. if you're heading north, that's the trouble zone. there are 23 states on the weather advisories. figure from about la crosse to twin rapids, all the dakotas that could be an area to get accumulating snow. several inches expected. not the storm of the century but as you get into the minnesota arrowhead, it could be heavier. some convective cells are the sign that moisture is starting to feed into the system. we have big snows. they have a blizzard warning in salt lake city right now. so the west and north-central states have been pretty unsettled. note the rain area coming up into chicago. one wild card is we have low dew points. evaporate on the front end, we might get ice pellets to mix in. that will be going on in this purple area. by evening, we're still in rain
Nov 21, 2010 9:00pm CST
remains behind bars while an issue over his passport is sorted out. >> the founder of chicago's desal bow museum of archdiocese american history was died. dr. march get bower rows died at her family home surrounded by family. she was 95 years old. she was an artist, teacher who moved to chicago in her teens after being born in louisiana. she and her husband founded the museum in the 1960ss. the museum -- reabion to her death is coming in from around the world, including the white house and president obama. a public memorial service for the doctor will be held after the holidays. >> a predawn hit and run if chicago's edge water neighborhood send as 37-year- old man to the hop. police say the victim is in very serious condition. it happened around 3:30 in the morning in the 5900 block of northridge avenue. the man was struck by a red ford traveling west on ridge. police are still looking for that driver. >> despite a public outcry and a call from the white house to consider less intrusive techniques, the head of the tsa said there will be no changes to the current airport screening procedur
Nov 2, 2010 12:00pm CDT
shows the congressman has a three to four point edge. traditional strong holds like chicago's collar counties and downstate illinois are expected to turn out for the gop. it could very well boil down to independent voters deciding who will sit in barack obama's old senate seat. >> i think there is a growing wave of independents that want thoughtful independent leadership. and someone who won't rubber stamp everything that nancy pelosi wants to do. >> reporter: but aleksei giannoulias hopes those independents will go democrat. he spent the morning shaking hands at union station hoping to win over any late undecides. have the independent vote but he is depending on a big democratic turnout. yesterday he worked to fire up the base in greektown traveling north to lincoln park hoping that he could summoned up enough excitement to pull out a come from behind victory. this is about turnout. we saw polls that had us up a points. at the end of date if you don't come out you could be up ten points. this is all about turnout. voters have the last word and anybody who thinks they have this won i
Nov 4, 2010 12:00pm CDT
at the board of elections in chicago where the counting continues. >> reporter: well, i just spoke with the lead council for -- counsel for the republican party and he claims the illinois governor's race is definitely not over. despite the odds ofs quinn lead widening more with the absentee balloting underway here at the county building, the brady campaign has no plans to throw in the towel. absentee ballots are still coming in to the cook county election board where workers will spend another day processing and sorting. another 900 ballots arrived yesterday. with about 15,000 envelopes to verify, it may be another 24 hours before workers begin to open those envelopes to tally the votes. though bill brady stressed need for a thorough count, the absentee balloting may work against him since the vast majority are coming in to chicago in cook county. mean time governor quinn has got an congratulatory call from president obama. with a 19,000 vote gap, a brady win is mathematically improbable. >> by tuesday the 16, even though the race is not officially over, by tiewls the 16 you will h
Nov 15, 2010 9:00pm CST
people. >> this is chicago's very own wgn news at 9:00. >> i just know we gonna miss him. we gonna miss him so much. >>> a family devastated by the loss of a child tonight, 3 years old, the victim of an apartment fire. in the englewood neighborhood, another fire, claiming the life of an elderly woman. a beloved woman. good evening, i'm micah materre. >> and i'm mark suppelsa. it's our top story, the three big fires in chicago and two deadly. we start with dan pompei who has more on the child who was killed, dan. >> reporter: the boy's name, deavian arnold, only three years old. his mother told me tonight he was especially close with his grandmother who survived the fire. 3-year-old deavian arnold was home this afternoon when the fire started. firefighters say it began in the kitchen on the stove and quickly began to cabinets and ceilings. neighbors tried to call 911 and tried to get in the apartment after seeing the boy knocking on the window in the back bathroom. >> we couldn't kick that door open. it had a dead bolt on it or something because we couldn't get it open. saw him tapp
Nov 19, 2010 12:00pm CST
and on the show they talked about the women from across the chicago area who are coming forward and offering their wedding gowns. >> some poor bride can use it, i would be glad to donate it, you know. i feel sorry for these gals with their weddings coming up. >> reporter: showed 77 at the restaurant to donate her daughter's wedding dress this morning. her daughter purchased the gown at eva's bridal 30 years ago. she says she is not sure what kind of shape the dress is in. it's a size 10 or 12 and it simply makes her and her family happy to do this. oak lawn firefighters are back at the scene today sifting through debris and taking pictures as they search for the fire's cause. the fire broke out wednesday afternoon at 95 and cicero. no one was hurt. 6,000 dresses were destroyed. about 200 of them were wedding gowns. the shop's owner is working to get dresses for three brides getting married this weekend and those with weddings scheduled for the first weekend in december. oak lawn fire chief tells me investigators may release a preliminary cause for the fire this evening. he says it does not a
Nov 29, 2010 12:00pm CST
>>> >> announcer: this is chicago's very own "wgn midday news." >>> chicago police are still questioning a teenager about the murder of a fellow officer and another man. this as the financial reward for information that leads to an arrest is doubled. good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> i'm allison payne. we welcome our viewers watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's julian cruz is live in the news zone with information on our top story. >> reporter: the reward money has been upped to $20,000 as detectives continue to question a 19-year-old parolee. the chicago tribune says the person of interest they are talking to lives across the alley from the crime scene. but no word yet on any formal charges. it's been a challenging week for the chicago police department. purple bunt bunting is up at headquarters at 35th and michigan as fellow officers mourn their loss. >> please. >> reporter: shauna peters has suffered the most terrible of losses. she is pleading with the public grieving the loss of her husband stephen peters. the former chicago housing aut
Nov 30, 2010 12:00pm CST
world. >> and stacy cochran hill worked at university of chicago hospital. so she was on medical leave recently because she had foot surgery. her daughter joy was a sixth grader at roseland christian and daughter jade was a senior at morgan park high school where crisis counselors are now on hand. live in morgan park. nancy loo, wgn news. >>> a bond hearing going on now for the parolee charged with murdering a chicago police officer in another man. police say 19-year-old timothy herring served time for armed robbery and was out on parole. his neighbors, steve peters owned a customized ford mustang. herring broke into that car last week and stole some parts and when police officer officer michael flisk showed up to investigate, herring shot and killed both men. there will be a wake for the officer from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. at brady and gill funeral home in evergreen park. funeral set for tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. at st. rita in chicago. visitation for steven peters will be friday 6 to. funeral services are still pending. >>> authorities say the boy who held his classmate and teacher hostage i
Nov 27, 2010 11:30pm CST
. >>> passionate plea from chicago police superintendent, this as investigators may have a break in the case of a murder of chicago police officer and another man. good evening, everyone. >> wgn's aaron mendez has tonight's top story. >> reporter: tonight, chicago police are questioning a person of interest in connection with the slayings of two officers. this is the first lead for police after the men were gunned down friday afternoon. >> we're just trying to pass out information. >> reporter: armed with flyers, they covered a 36-block radius within hours. >> we're looking at at least distributing 10,000 flyers that you see here, with information needed, and there's a $10,000 reward. >> reporter: investigators spent today scouring parolee records and running prints. neighbors reported hearing as many as five shots yesterday afternoon from the alley along 81st and south burnham, where the men were fired on. today, we learned that neither officers returned gunfire. their weapons and wallets still on them, raising the question of motive. police say officer flisk was the first on the scene, col
Nov 14, 2010 9:00pm CST
, i'm robert jordan. >> and i'm jackie bankeric kirschner. >> dan is live at the university of chicago -- >> reporter: the state senator for james meek wrapping up an hour ago. he picked up one rather unusual endorsement and showed up withen a impressive group of kid musicians. a surprising performance by 11- year-old violin prodigy max lewis helped to set the stage for the not so surprising announcement. he was introduced by mckenna and wasted no time firing up the crowd. >> we need a leader who is a unifier and woe can bring people together and will work with blacks and whites and hispanics. >> reporter: he talked about job creation, fighting crime and said if elected, he will focus on education reform. >> every child in america deserves the right to an equal high quality education. >> reporter: also making his candidacy for mayor official, u.s. congressman danny davis. addressing a roomful of supporters, he called himself the grass roots candidate who is most in touch with chicago's diversity. >> i'm prepared to bridge the gap between affluent wealthy communities and those that are
Nov 6, 2010 9:00pm CDT
. >>> a manhunt is underway for two bank robbers that hit a bank in chicago heights and the other struck a chase bank branch in vincentville. they're searching for this black male about 50 years old whose image was captured by a security camera. and the seckman is described as hispanic between 25 and 30 years and both robberies took place at about 10:30 a.m. >>> a former illinois official who testified at the rod blagojevich trial faces shoplifting charges and is free on $10,000 bond. chicago police say that home depot secretary spotted him taking items worth about $150 without paying for them. he had testified at the rod blagojevich corruption trial that congressman jessie jackson junior was present when he and a businessman discussed fun raising for blasmght and he expressed a desire to fill president obama's old senate seat. >>> one election ends and one another one started. at stake, running chicago. >> reporter: as she opened her campaign office, she promised it would not be the last. but she would not announce her candidacy while standing very much like and official candidate for mayor of
Nov 24, 2010 9:00pm CST
possible tomorrow. and richard m. daley lights his last christmas tree in the plaza as chicago mayor. that's this plaza with his mayor on it. and two of our own were in tow. we'll explain. >>> the problem was not as such as the airport as feared. but in chicago a commuter expressway nightmare. good evening. i'm micah materre. >> and i'm mark suppelsa. our top story on wgn, getting everything in place for the holiday. keeping track on trains, planes, and roadways. >> reporter: what a difference an hour makes. earlier tonight, it would have made more sense to walk. sky cam 9 had the best view of the parking lot that kennedy turned into this evening. it took some motorists more than two hours to get from o'hare to downtown. traffic on chicago area highways for most of the night best described with one simple word. >> slow. slow. >> reporter: yeah. worth saying twice. >> they're a nightmare. bumper to bumper. >> where are you trying to go to? >> ke are accident r ridge. >> and where are you coming from? >> wisconsin. >> reporter: many travelers leaving for a long holiday weekend ou
Nov 19, 2010 7:00pm EST
barack obama's side to run for mayor of chicago? should he check first to see if he meets the residency requirement? vice president biden said his warm warned him to be careful what you wish for. speaking of 2012, donald trump can't offer enough praise of the tea party and tells me if he runs as president it will be as a republican. politics in a moment. let's begin with your safety sxa sudden rush in congress to question the armt screening procedures in place as we head into the year's busiest travel days. tonight, new calls to outlaw the patdowns and body scanners the government says are critical to prevent another 9/11, and new rules for pilots. they have access to the cockpit and roam airport tarmac, yet they're letting most pilots skip through the screening. ron paul joins our debate, but jeanne meserve explains why pilots get waved through. jeanne. >> they say they've already been vetted in order to fly airplanes. they say what's the point of searching us for weapons when we get onto a plane that can be used as a weapon. they come to economic points and show their airline i.d. and
Nov 4, 2010 9:00pm CDT
county and chicago, here's how the numbers shake out. in cook county 10,760 have been received but not counted. in chicago the number is 11, 777 received, not counted. and the two combined, the city and the county 14, 048 ballots not received yet. they don't see how brady could still pull it off when he's more than 19,000 votes behind. >> having been through this process before, i know the importance of making sure every voice is heard. and every vote is counted. >> reporter: that was brady wednesday. today he's still sticking by his comments. as far as quinn, he stopped short of declaring himself the winner. from the looks of it, all signs point to him. >> i think the people have won. and i think we have won. i think the bottom line is as the final certified results come in, we'll see how much we won by. >> reporter: and after the ap declared him the winner, his camp sent out this statement. with 100% of the precincts recorded and declaration by the associated press, the outcome is decisive. the governor believes it's imperative that he and the other elected officials return t
Nov 8, 2010 9:00pm CST
metro trains. we first told you about it. now what is being done. >>> this is chicago's very own wgn news at 9:00. >>> a suspicious package, a suitcase wrapped at an l squad with a bomb squad on the scene. a very tense night, especially for this guy on the north side. >> our top stories seen around the country. six lanes of traffic all trains and everything else stopped at the blue line addison station. we are there. finally got the all clear. . >> reporter: almost the all clear. we are standing right new just east of the l stop as well as east of the kennedy expressway. and right here it's filled with neighborhoods, homes and alleys that overlook the express wais as well as the station. to ta --;ñ?ñ? expressway as wes the station. tonight a suspicious package. at some point someone called#mñt in around 6:40 in the evening.a? when we arrived to the scene, all lanes of lanes of traffic@ñ? were stopped on the kennedy in both directions and thereñ?ñ? be line had been halted. not a sole at the addison stop. not a sole until 7:30 p.m. when a man cautiously approached the briefc
Nov 28, 2010 9:00pm CST
>> breaking news tonight, on chicago's south side. an e motion has leveled a home. good evening, everyone, i'm robert jordan. >> and i'm jackie bangeric kirschner. >> dan is live on the city's south side with more. >> bob and jackie, impressive response by the chicago fire department. more than 150 firefighter on the scene. one man, serious to critical condition. two other children were injured in this explosion, but we are told they are in good condition, expected to make a full recovery. joining me, chief from the chicago fire department. tell us what happened here tonight. >> at approximately 7:27 this evening, the we received phone calls from a possible house explosion. 12247 south oneda. fire department responded. full response, but due to the nature of the americansy, they immediately elevated it to a stolen box, what we call the stolen box response, due to a possible gas explosion, right now, it's under investigation and until we can determine what the cause was, it's to be determined because we don't know what caused it. >> was there a fire on the scene? >> the first arr
Nov 26, 2010 9:00pm CST
>>> tonight salutes and sadness. chicago police perform an honor guard as they carry away one of their own killed in the line of duty. i'm dan ponce. >> i'm lourdes duarte. our top story seen around the country on wgn america tonight s.w.a.t. teams on a man hunt tonight searching for the killer of michael flisk and a former housing authority cop. wgn's jae miller is on the scene. >> reporter: man hunt is right. more than seven hours after that shooting occurred, chicago police continuing to canvas this neighborhood in search of that gunman who in broad daylight shot and killed a veteran chicago police officer and another man in cold blood. police officers armed with assault rifles standing guard near the 8100 blood of south burnan tonight as this search for the when who killed officer michael flisk as well another man this afternoon. >> it goes to show how some people have absolutely no respect for human life. we have an evidence technician processing the scene of a burglary. >> reporter: the shooting happened just after 12:30. he was responding to a garage burglary when someo
Nov 23, 2010 12:00pm CST
.com/freedom. >>> off duty chicago police officer was shot and killed in his own personal suv on the city's southwest side. >> good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are tuning in around the country on wgn america and web. wgn's nancy loo is live with the latest on our top story. >> well, din uand steve, it's not known why the officer was over in this area during his time off. he was in his 40s and a 15 year veteran of the force who was assigned to the s.w.a.t. team. sources tell us he was found with a cigarette in his mouth indicating he may have known his killer. >> reporter: forensics units are on the scene as police investigate the latest murder of a fallen officer. that as another officer remains posted outside the victim's home. did not want to be identified tells wgn notification of family has been difficult because the fallen officer was an only child. and he already lost both of his parents. a neighbor recalls him as a good man. >> he used to come over to see his mom. and that's the only time i would see him. >> and you mentioned his mom passed away.
Nov 29, 2010 5:00am EST
the sweetest shot at this weekend's game between the chicago bulls and the sacramento kings. the man managed to nail a clean half court shot and he walked away with keys to a brand new car. >>> and in texas, a happy reunion for two unlikely friends. a goat and a great dane were found wandering the streets together by a rescuer. they were handed over to a shelter. the goat was impounded as a stray livestock by the sheriff's department. after a public outpouring, the goat was returned and the duo reunited. now they've been adopted and have added a third to their pack, lucky, the three legged dog. >>> now for a look at the national weather, we turn to bill karins with the weather channel forecast. bill, sounds like a good joke. >> something like that. >> it goes a little like this. >> head into a bar and -- >> yada, yada, yada. and they all come out happy. let's talk about the forecast. i hope you had a conned wonderf thanksgiving. we haven't had any major weather problems. it's a little cold outside of d.c., new york, philly and baltimore in the northeast. the southeast, a little chilly in atl
Oct 31, 2010 9:00pm CDT
>>> wgn news starts right now. >>> a developing story. a chicago police officer has been shot after a traffic stop turned into achates. good evening, i'm robert jordan. >> and i'm jackie bange. >> marcella raymond is live at strozier hospital with more. >> reporter: we know the officer will be fine after being shot in the leg. at 5:30, harris ton police made a traffic stop,s. >>> ogden police were monitoring the car and saw the car exit i-55 at damon. they tried to stop it. >> defendant's vehicle struck a police vehicle and came to a rest. at that time, officers intended to remove the defendant from the vehicle, at which time, shots were fired. >> reporter: who did the shoot something not clear because the superintendent would not take any questions from reporters. he did tell us that the three men that were in that car were taken into custody and they were not injured. bob and jackie. >>> thank you marcella. >>> counselors will be on duty at a south side chicago school after a teacher died this weekend in a traffic accident. the 23-year-old was a special education teacher was kille
Nov 3, 2010 9:00pm CDT
. -- checked on 1/3 today. every day that goes by, bill brady's numbers become less real. >> quinn took chicago 80-20. i think the chicago vote is just too overwhelming for brady to overcome at this point. >> reporter: now, a lot of the votes that have yet to be tallied are right here no cook county. 9900 absentee ballots we're told. both candidates have their election lawyers on the case, chicago tribune writers don't think this race will end up in the courts in the end. >> thanks. no change in springfield. both the house and the senate. >> democrats may have lost a few seats. however, they'll have far more than the 60 needed to maintain the majority and for mike madigan to continue as house speaker. in the senate, democrats say as the party in charge, the ap reporting democrats lost two seats than that leaves democrats one seat shy to continue their supermajority. so that the party could override a governor's veto. it's not the first fight tend with beers and won't be the last but this could be one of the most public. mark kirk and alexi giannoulias burying the hatchet tonight. randy belisomo
Nov 16, 2010 9:00pm CST
suppelsa. it's our top story. he left the white house hoping to trade it for the fifth floor at chicago's city hall. gaynor hall sat down one on one with emanuel. >> reporter: he's a former congressman, exwhite house chief of staff, a prolific fund raiser. today we also saw a softer side of rahm emanuel as he laid out his plans for the city's future. rahm emanuel taking a tour of a turnaround school on the west side. then sitting down with us for an interview. he says education is a top priority giving parents report cards on the school and picking the right person to run cps. >> i don't want somebody who just knows policy and can't management. >> reporter: on balancing the city's budget. he says if he's elected mayor, he knows tough decisions are ahead. >> i think voters are ready for the sacrifices. >> what sacrifices? >> we'll have to talk about changes. >> reporter: an example: cutting cost is garbage collection by cutting competition. >> and the question is can we do it in more cost-efficient way and get a better bang for the buck for the taxpayers 37 >> would you consider rolling
Nov 1, 2010 9:00pm CDT
the white house with president obama making several trips to chicago to support them as well as first lady michelle obama, she's made a stop here, as well as vice president joe biden. all of that hasn't been enough support to give either of them a commanding lead over the polls. janulluous was 3 points behind mark kirk, his opponent. similar with quinn who's neck and neck with bill brady. and tonight, you ask either candidate and they say things are looking good for tomorrow. >> we've seen, quite frankly, a lot of folks coming out to vote. last week, there were lines around the corner. the absentee ballots are coming in in droves. so we're very confident, especially with cook county being there. it's great. >> we're not going to have a governor who wants to cut our schools by over a billion dollars, and we're not going to have a governor who wants to take awake health care from children. those kind of values i don't think reflect the values of the people of illinois. >> reporter: and believe it or not, both candidates will be getting a little bit of sleep tonight, but they've got busy days
Nov 5, 2010 9:00pm CDT
that i was not going to be the consensus. >> reporter: but that may not quite be true. so far chicago's african- american power brokers have backed former senator karen mosley braun. and rogers has their finalists. now comes word of decent in the ranks that danny davis or another candidate may unilaterally decide to make a run. then there's rahm emanuel. undeclared but raising money, campaigning, and weighing in on key issues like the search for a new head of chicago public schools. issuing a statement on that today on the kind of leader he'd pick. one who'd improve student performance. while his opponent declared -- is asking the leaders meeting here on the south side tonight not to pick the best black candidate, but the best candidate. >> i'll say this: that if the leadership of the african- american community won't have me, then i will take my case directly to the citizens throughout the city including african-americans. >> reporter: and this meeting here in the south shore continues. no end in sight after more than two and a half hours. no sign that they are any closer to picking
Nov 8, 2010 12:00pm CST
wang, wgn news. >>> a chicago man is set to appear in bond court today. 36-year-old jeremiah thompson is charnled with dui, hitting a pedestrian in a roadway and driving without insurance. among others. police say thompson struck 35- year-old man in the 7300 block of south racine. she was taken to hospital and died a short time later. >>> investigators are trying to determine what caused an extra alarm fire on the south side. the fire broke out in a home near 60th and la salle late last night. and the flames spread to another house next door. more than 100 firefighters eventually brought that blaze under control. no one was hurt but both buildings were destroyed. >>> neighbors are pitching in to help a pilsen family left homeless after a weekend fire that killed a young child. three-year-old michael cruise died in the fire saturday in a three story apartment building at comerten and wood. the boy's father, one-year-old sister and two firefighters were injured. this weekend neighbors collected money, clothing, bedding and toys for the family. >>> and fire officials are trying to figure
Nov 15, 2010 12:00pm CST
she is ready to shake things up. >> this is chicago, and harold washington said it is not bean bags. we'll hold on and to and respond and get the message out in every way that we can. >> the candidates must collect 12,500 to get on the 22nd ballot. many of them had representatives in line outside of the board of elections in the middle of the night. the goal is to get the top spot in the race ta will be determined by lottery december 1. and rahm emanuel did not show his campaign workers arrived reporting 90,000 plus signatures. and the city clerk presented 40,000 signatures. >> this is good for the city. it bodes well for the future of the city of chicago and i'm excited about that. >> and danny davis, 5 0000. >> they know that it is time to return the countrier, it is time for a new era and we're going to be in there pitching to see if we cannot hit a homerun. >> reporter: with about 50,000 signatures, gary chico who pledged to run a positive campaign. >> i will call them when i see them. when someone is ducking the issues and missing and things need to be pointed out, the citize
Nov 18, 2010 12:00pm CST
was found guilty of assault after a heated argument with an off duty police officer. but a chicago woman is suing claiming she is the victim here. surveillance video captured incident at an oak lawn hooters. 55-year-old woman arguing over her bill. the off duty officer working security gets involved and tempers flare. the grandmother of four was arrested for assault and battery. the tape shows the officer was heavy handed. >> when i saw him approach her with his elbows out trying to lean up against her. if i was there i would have said, hey, what, leaning no? that shows he was trying to start something. >> torres' filed $280,000 civil lawsuit against the village of oak lawn, restaurant and that police officer. >>> a bridge southwest of chicago comes falling down into the illinois river but it was no accident. it was a 78-year-old bridge in seneca, illinois, and went down after 7:00 a.m. this morning. skycam9 was there for the implosion. and the brink was blown up to make way for a new $24 million replacement. a local resident got to push the implosion button after winning a town raffle.
Nov 22, 2010 9:00pm CST
investigation. >>> simple but different, chicago's finest chefs show what might be on their thanksgiving day table. >> the small town of caldonia, illinois, a little bit smaller after a tornado strike. this is what's left in places tonight, and this is the reason. >> good evening, i'm micah materre. >> and i'm mark suppelsa. our top story seen around the country on wgn america, what could be the year's final days of warmth bring a fierce storm. all watches and warnings are canceled. dan pompei is in caldonnia tonight. >> reporter: this is a town of about 200 people, a lot of damage to report from this small town. this home behind me, one of several homes and businesses damaged by this tornado. now, you can see here the main part of the house, pretty much intact right now. there's damage to the roof but the area to the right here, this is where the garage was, and fortunately, no one was home when this tornado hit. we're told that a couple of pets were home but even they were okay. there have been crews out here all night working on houses like this, trying to get
Nov 22, 2010 11:00am PST
street project. we had a vision to be more like chicago. an ode to chicago. anybody has ever visited chicago, you go down michigan avenue and everyone goes like why can't we be like chicago? they don't go in the neighborhoods, they just go down michigan avenue and the entire city and county of chicago and the cook county around chicago looks like michigan avenue. but nonetheless, it is something that vexes you, you think why can't we be more like michigan avenue. so began the journey many years ago to say what do we need to do differently had order to organize ourselves in a way that we could create great streets through the commercial corridors and the main entry points in and out of our city. we got the together and we realized there was a lot of money already being spent, it wasn't being coordinated, it wasn't a collaborative. you didn't have the arts commission working with the department of public works and the public utilities commission and working with the economic development office and our lobbiest at the state and federal level to match state and federal and local dollars
Nov 29, 2010 4:30am EST
at this weekend's game between the chicago bulls and the sacramento kings. the man managed to nail a clean half-court shot and walked away with the keys to a brand-new car. >>> and in texas, a happy reunion for two unlikely friends. a goat and a grape dane were found wandering the streets together by a rescuer. when they were handed over to a shelter, the goat was impounded as stray livestock by the sheriff's department. after a public outpouring the goat was returned, and the duo reunited. now they've been adopted and it's added to their pack lucky, the three-legged dog. >>> and now here's a look at your national and regional weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> nothing tops a speedo santa get-together. >> not even the goat and the dog? that's kind of tough to beat. >> it's like some joke, a goat and a dog walk into a bar. i don't know the end of that. but i'll think of it. >> just think of it. >> let's talk about what happened this past weekend. everyone really got to their destinations for thanksgiving without many concerns. the weather really cooperated and everyone yesterday, wha
Nov 7, 2010 9:00pm CST
babies have been crushed. >> reporter: bishop larry trotter is asking people of faith across chicago to pray for their brothers and sisters in haiti. hurricane thomas has left the nation flooded and with the 85- mile per hour wind, it's closer to the capital where more than a million people repain in tent camps following the earthquake of january 12th. >> reporter: trotter launched a donation drive today in hits church asking hits members from the city's across the south side to remember those suffering so much in what is the first black led republican world. >> not only the black people, but to the whole world. >> reporter: two hatian missionaries spoke and said the people there need hope. >> reporter: bishop trotter is counting on nurses and doctors to be sent there at what happened following the earthquake. >> it's not about money. it's about caring. >> reporter: and for church members to bring in bottled water. batesic needs need to be met there and in a hurry. bishop trotter said people woe want to donate can bring bottled water all week long to the church here in south chicago.
Nov 9, 2010 9:00pm CST
meari's wake from tomorrow at fred -- it is tomorrow at fred dames in joliet. >>> chicago area woman impaled by a tree trunk last month by the high wind storms made headlines tonight. she has a survival story. >> reporter: helen miller is finally home after being in the hospital for two weeks. she won't make a full recovery until after the new year. but tonight she has a lot to smile about and be thankful for. >> it almost killed me. >> reporter: helen miller wanted to keep the tree branch that came inches from taking her life. she clearly remembers the morning of october 26 during the wind storm. >> it was the loudest, scariest sounding, startling just bam. >> reporter: she was driving through lindenhurste. just as the light turned green, the tree came down on her car. a branch went through the body barely missing organs. >> i felt heavy pain and i saw tree literally coming into my stomach and out of my stomach. >> reporter: she says the weight on her chest was more painful than the one in her. she was amazed people drove by without helping. >> i looked out the missing window and th
Nov 17, 2010 9:00pm CST
tonight after a sweep across chicago. detective robert soto and kathryn samburg were killed last year. from the vice lords gang. and the robberies of two nba players in our area. all those arrested in this operation face drug and gun charges. >>> local beverage company bowing out of the caffeine alcohol biz. dropping the caffeine from the four loko drink. the fda is looking to ban caffeinated alcoholic drinks. >>> harry caray's wrigleyville may be pulling out. but bench warmers will go in. the relationship between the restaurant and the building owner was like a bad marriage so it pulled out. saying he's surprised about the inaccurate statements. bench warmers is considering a renaming contest. >>> honoring chicago's firefighters and police. giving back to the men and women who give so much. >>> why the head of the tsa says he's not going to do anything about the scanners. >>> and throw on an extra layer. it's about to get colder out it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ...yeah, every night its something different. o
Nov 24, 2010 5:00am EST
invasive pat downs wreak havoc for travellers. kristen dahlgren reports from chicago. good morning? >> reporter: good morning, lynn. it's estimated 1.8 million travellers will make their way through chicago o'hare this week and travel experts say if this opt-out movement catches on today it could cause chaos across the country. for many on the way to grandma's this year is a detour, attract through the debate. body showing scanners or pat downs that leave nothing to the imagination. most are okay with the additional screening. >> the world we live in, so i rather be safe than sorry. >> reporter: but a loosely organized movement encouraging passengers to opt-out of the scanners forcing the tsa to do more pat downs could jam up the system. >> i want to get attention and to educate folks. >> reporter: for the government that has agreed to do fewer random pat downs the point remains from the shoe bomber to the alleged underwear bomber and recent attempts to hide bombs in air cargo planes are still a target. a protest will punish passengers. >> my concern is these people who opt-out wil
Nov 28, 2010 5:30am PST
and finally, we'll close it out with a woman single-handedly changing lives in her chicago neighborhooded. that's what's going on in our world, starting now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> he's one of america's favorite singer/songwriters. with four albums and grammys under his belt, john legend is making the music world by storm. now he's trying to wake up the world with his new album, and an ailing school system. ♪ ♪ >> i was think budget first time i actually saw you perform. it was about 12 years ago in a small ub in philadelphia called the black lily, and i was thinking about the journey from being in a small venue like that to being a six-time grammy award winner and being "time" magazine's most influential. how does that happen? what's that journey been like? >> i've been a musician since i was a kid. i wanted to be a star when i was a kid, but i concrete moves in that direction when i was at school at penn, and i met a few people along the way that really helped me. i met kanye in 2001, and he was very instrumental, obviously, in launching me. he signed me to his label, but before he even si
Nov 24, 2010 4:30am EST
havoc. kristin dahlgren has that story. >> reporter: still early here in chicago. the first flight doesn't leave for another few hours. the tsa checkpoints haven't even opened yet. it's estimated that 1.8 million passengers will pass through o'hare this week. nobody knows how big this opt out movement will be. but travel experts say if it catches on, it could cause chaos for many across the country. for many on the way to grandma's, it's a debate, body showing scanners or pat-downs that leave nothing to the imagination. polls show most are okay with the additional screening. >> it's just the world we live in. i'd rather by safe than sorry. >> reporter: but a movement urging passengers to opt out of the scanners today could jam up the system on one of the busiest days of the year. >> i wanted to get attention and to educate folks. but for the government, who has agreed to do fewer pat-downs said recent attempts to hide bomb necessary air cargo planes are still a target. they say a protest will ultimately punish passengers. >> my concern is that these people who opt out will cause other pe
Oct 31, 2010 11:00pm EDT
coverage continues with an update on midterm elections with the chicago tribune political reporter. >> tv attack ads field by out of state cash. thanks very much for being with us. >> good morning. >> the president campaigning yesterday, spending the night in his adopted home city of chicago, trying to push the democrats for the election tuesday. what does this tell you about the state of the democratic party and the state of the obama presidency? >> i think it says a lot about the concerns that exist in the white house about this predicted republican wave, when the president has to come back to his home town to try to quell that enthusiasm gap that everybody sees for republicans. the fact of the matter is we have two very big races here in illinois. first, the highly symbolic race for his former u.s. senate seat, which is a very, very close race between the democrat and republican mark kerr. and have a governor's race with governor pat quinn trying to combat the challenge from bilbray. the governor's race tainted by their rod blagojevich impeachment and subsequent trial. this has been a
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